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VITAL Talent is a communication skills training company led by author and speaker Tommy Re. Combining a unique background as a professional Broadway actor and an organizational leader, Tommy’s work is grounded in research, proven by experience, and driven by helping business professionals master vital communication skills.

About Us

"Tommy and the VITAL Talent team are helping our people improve their leadership skills. They are deeply invested in our continued growth and success. It’s a collaborative partnership with outstanding service, creativity, and excellence in all they do."

- Tamara Ziegler, Director, Global Talent Development and Training, Worldwide Clinical Trials

Communicate with Impact

Whether you are communicating with a coworker, leading a team meeting, or giving a presentation, our programs help you develop concrete, practical skills to become a better communicator.

Programs for All Business Professionals

More than almost any other factor, communication skills influence career advancement. Gain the tools you need to communicate more effectively in any professional setting.

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Programs for 

As a manager, you face communication challenges every day. Learn and practice new skills to navigate difficult conversations, provide effective feedback, and build high-performing teams.

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Training Programs

Whether you attend a live session, a virtual session, or participate in one of our online courses, prepare to be challenged and to have fun -- that’s the best way to learn.


Available on-site with your corporate team or through public workshops, our in-person training programs provide the opportunity to learn and practice new skills.

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Live and interactive, our virtual training programs are available privately for corporate teams or through our scheduled public workshops.

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Forget what you know about boring webinars. Interactive and engaging, our online programs allow you to learn new skills on your own schedule.

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Free eBook: Plain and Simple Business Writing

Learn how to write clear, concise, and compelling content



Business Writing eBook: Plain and Simple Business Writing

Improve your written communication with our free eBook designed for business professionals.

Insights from the team

Read more about our research, experience, and key learnings that will transform the way you communicate.

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"VITAL Talent’s expertise in culture, leadership, and professional development has been instrumental in helping me align and engage our diverse, dynamic, and fast-growing team."