Conflict Communication Program

Learn how to manage the most difficult conversations 

What Participants Learn in This Course 

How to Assess a Conflict Situation

  • Analyze the causes of conflict
  • Explore the consequences of inaction
  • Understand conflicting perspectives
  • Determine your conflict handling style
  • Select an appropriate style

How to Prepare for a Difficult Conversation

  • Use the perspectives analysis grid
  • Identify traps that cause escalation
  • Develop your emotional intelligence

How to Engage in a Productive Conversation

  • Develop a communication plan
  • Center yourself
  • Prepare for multiple responses
  • Ask questions to seek understanding
  • Manage your responses

Change the Way you Deal with Conflict

Conflict doesn’t have to be complex. Use the Vital Encounters Framework for any difficult conversation.

Why Vital Talent? 

Learn from the Pros

We are passionate about helping business professionals master business communication skills. Our facilitators have years of experience as practitioners, leaders, and trainers.

Practice and Feedback

Everyone in our workshops get thoughtful and constructive feedback. We help learners focus on continuous improvement by creating a safe environment for them to build their skills through live practice. 

Fun & Engaging

We all learn best when we’re having fun. We promise our training programs will engage learners. No stuffy snoozefest here. Our programs are lively and fast-paced, and our facilitators are relatable and energetic.

Practical & Pragmatic

All of our programs address the core, common, and critical business communication challenges your learners face. We use real-world examples and cases in all of our programs. 

Tips, Tools & Techniques

Our programs include plenty of resources to help learners apply what they learn, including workbooks and job aids. Become a member of our learning community and receive access to valuable learning sustainment resources.


Our programs are grounded in social science research and practical experience. We are students of communication and continue to read, review, and contribute to the body of knowledge in organizational communication.
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Who Should Attend
Conflict Communication? 

Our Conflict Communication training program is designed for anyone who would like to improve their ability to communicate effectively in conflict situations. Professionals who benefit from learning and practicing conflict communication skills include: 

  • Leaders and managers
  • Customer service professionals
  • Sales professionals
  • Team members
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Project managers
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