Course overview

The Power of Presentation Workshop

Learn how to become a more confident and influential presenter. This is an intensive, one-day virtual workshop. It's designed for those who want to work on their skills during the session.

Sessions Date
September  28,  2022
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM ET
Enrollment limited to 10

Virtual Online

Workshop Date

Wednesday, September
8:30AM -4:30 PM ET

Presentation Development

Build Your Presentation  


Practice Your Delivery

What's included?

  • Full Day Workshop
  • Participant Workbook & Presentation Road Map
  • Video & Feedback 
  • Access to Free Presentation Resources
  • A copy of The Power of Presentation book 

Become a Power Presenter

You will learn how to develop and deliver a powerful business presentation that gets results.  And you'll get a set of tools and repeatable techniques that you can use every time you present. 

Practice Your Skills

 With practice and feedback incorporated into every session, you'll get the opportunity to try out your skills in a safe and encouraging environment.

Tommy Re

President, Vital Talent 
Author, The Power of Presentation
Workshop Facilitator
Tommy Re is passionate about helping business professionals improve their communication skills. With a combination of 30 years as a training professional, a Masters in Corporate and Public Communication, and a stint on Broadway (a long time ago!), Tommy challenges participants with workshops that are engaging, provocative, and fun. 
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