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Programs for Managers

Learn vital communication skills to lead your team to success.

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Become a Better Manager Through Effective Communication

Learn the vital communication skills you need to help your team members grow and succeed. Provide performance feedback. Build alignment. Inspire your team.

Training Topics for Managers

Our training programs are designed to help you address the challenges you face every day as a manager. Learn how to navigate challenging conversations, build high performing teams, and develop your team members through coaching and performance feedback.

Coaching/Managing Performance

Learn to give effective feedback using our Feedback FRAME™ approach. It’s your most important task as a manager.

Managing Difficult Conversations

They may be a small percentage of the conversations you have but the difficult ones shape who you are as manager. Learn to navigate them.

Cohesive Team Communication

Learn the communication practices of high performing teams in this program for in-tact teams.

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Learn more about our public workshops, online courses, and other interactive training programs designed to empower managers with vital communication skills.

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