The Power of Presentation Workshop

Learn how to create and deliver powerful presentations

What Participants Learn in This Course 

How to Respond to the Communication Situation

  • Build presentation literacy
  • Discover what really makes a presentation great
  • Get comfortable as a presenter
  • Understand the Communication Situation
  • Master audience analysis
  • Create objectives and the Know, Feel, Do matrix

How to Design Your Presentation

  • Brainstorm presentation ideas
  • Learn to simplify your structure with patterns
  • Use the HINT™ method to draft your storyboard
  • Capture attention in the opening
  • Build the body with message packages
  • Craft a compelling closing
  • Learn the importance of visual communication
  • Build your slide grid
  • Work with visual elements
  • Manage motion
  • PowerPoint for power presenting

How to Be a
Power Presenter

  • Develop a powerful presence with vocal energy
  • Handle audience questions
  • Prepare for success
  • Handle pre-presentation nerves
  • Take the stage: Deliver your final presentation
  • Receive meaningful feedforward
  • Build your continued growth plan
  • Analyze your presentation video
“The Vital Talent Virtual Presentation Skills training has been one of the most important and impactful initiatives we undertook since the beginning of the pandemic. Our Account Managers made immediate changes which increased their executive presence with customers during virtual interactions.”
Charlie Gardner, Sr. Training Manager, Global Learning & Performance, Dow 30 Company

Present with Confidence

The best way to advance your ideas, get initiatives approved, or grow your career is to learn how to develop and deliver a powerful presentation. 

Why Vital Talent? 

Learn from the Pros

We are passionate about helping business professionals master business communication skills. Our facilitators have years of experience as practitioners, leaders, and trainers.

Practice and Feedback

Everyone in our workshops get thoughtful and constructive feedback. We help learners focus on continuous improvement by creating a safe environment for them to build their skills through live practice. 

Fun & Engaging

We all learn best when we’re having fun. We promise our training programs will engage learners. No stuffy snoozefest here. Our programs are lively and fast-paced, and our facilitators are relatable and energetic.

Practical & Pragmatic

All of our programs address the core, common, and critical business communication challenges your learners face. We use real-world examples and cases in all of our programs.

Tips, Tools & Techniques

Our programs include plenty of resources to help learners apply what they learn, including workbooks and job aids. Become a member of our learning community and receive access to valuable learning sustainment resources.


Our programs are grounded in social science research and practical experience. We are students of communication and continue to read, review, and contribute to the body of knowledge in organizational communication.
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Who Should Attend 
The Power of Presentation? 

Our Power of Presentation training program is designed for anyone who would like to become a better and more confident presenter. Professionals who benefit from learning and practicing presentation skills include:
Technical professionals
Scientific professionals
Sales professionals
Team members
Leaders and managers
Students entering the workforce
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