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Vital Talent Studios

We bring the classroom experience to every training program.

What We Do in Vital Talent Studios

We personalize the training experience by using our studio to bring interactivity, community, and high-quality media to every program. Our training content is never anonymous and stale - it features face-to-face instructors leading robust discussions and practice with the aid of custom-made visual media.

Our Virtual Training Room features state-of-the-art technology for virtual facilitation and direct-to-camera video recording. Whether you need live training or standalone modules, we can make it happen.

In partnership with Millbrook Studios, we also develop realistic training videos to demonstrate key leadership and communication skills in action.

Our team of graphic designers and eLearning developers can create visually appealing training media for any situation, from custom slide decks to eLearning graphics to guidebooks.

Our Services

Here's what we can do to bring your training media to life.

Let Us Work for You

Wherever it works for you




With clients located throughout the world, we design our virtual learning experiences to break through technology barriers and engage learners.


Bring Us


As a standalone program or as part of your existing curriculum, our programs can be delivered by our professional facilitators, or we can train your trainers.


Self-Paced Experience

We design engaging self-paced learning so your people can dive deep into leadership and communication competencies at a pace that makes sense for them.

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